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No Beach, 'Wet Sand'

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

Our most recent project was a blast! It was just like the TV shows; down to the minute! Surprise rainy weather had our team working on top of each other as the clock wound down. With perfect timing for the home's grand MLS debut, we completed a task list of more than 200 items. In addition to balancing light, space, texture, and color to accentuate a home's awesome features, on this project I was also able to learn about the magic of wet sand!

Wet sand is the key to smooth. Real smoOOoooOOOoooth! !

Special black lacquer furniture remained at the property after most everything else was removed. Despite evidence of disfiguring acetone abuse, I saw life left in the two old desks and filing cabinet. So, as I often do, I committed to restoring the furniture.

I started by sanding with an electric sander, which has always served me well. This time though, because of the way the paint had been eaten away entirely in certain places, I struggled to pull off perfect blending. When Gerry, RG2020's Mary-Poppins-style handyman, saw what I was doing, he suggested a new plan. He went out to his magic truck and came back with a bucket of water and a sheet of black sand paper. He poured a puddle of water on the desk and showed me how to gently scrub through the water, along the grain, with folded paper. It was mind blowing how the furniture began to cooperate and the lacquer began to balance out between the bald and heavily polished spots.

Allison wet-sands furniture for the first time - May 2019

Wet-sanding is a technique I highly recommend! Let me put it this way, if you've ever been to a beach and found weathered pieces of broken sea glass, it still wasn't as smooth as a piece of furniture after wet-sanding. I've only used the technique one time on a total of three pieces of furniture so far, but I found it most enjoyable. I suppose it didn't hurt that I had Gerry's guidance. He was able to warn me about things like the fact that the water that drips from the project will stain if not cleaned up while still wet - that would have been a bummer to have to learn the hard way.

If you're interested in learning how to wet sand, let me know... we just might make a video!

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